Hernia Surgery

Hernia Surgery

A hernia is said to be present when an organ or a lump of fatty tissue pushes through a weak spot in the adjacent muscle wall or connective tissue. In most cases, a hernia will continue to grow and cause extreme pain that makes movement almost impossible. Additionally, in some instances, hernias may lead to life-threatening medical complications. In other cases, a hernia may not display any obvious symptoms and may not need treatment at all. When a hernia is suspected, it is vital that it be diagnosed as soon as possible. If treatment is required, it must be started without delay. At Prashant Hospital you will find highly qualified medical specialists, the latest diagnostic facilities and modern medical equipment to ensure that you receive world-class treatment.

Treatment Options

At Prashanth Hospital we will perform a series of diagnostic tests including laboratory and imaging analysis to determine the location and extent of the hernia. Once that is done, a treatment plan will be created. In almost all cases surgery is the best form of treatment. There are several surgical procedures that may be used. A surgeon will determine which will be best in your case.

Types of Hernia Surgery

There are three surgical procedures that may be used to treat a hernia

They are:


After the surgery, you will normally have to remain in the hospital for a day or two, after which you will be allowed to return home. The surgeon will provide you with instructions on what you may and may not do during the recovery period, any medications you need to take and when you need to return to the hospital for post-surgical checkups. Normally a patient is allowed to return to normal activities within 2 to 3 weeks.

Hernia surgery is a very common procedure. However, that does not mean that the best surgeons and medical facilities are not required. At Prashanth Hospital you will find the most highly to diagnose and treat the condition. You will also receive the best post-procedure care and guidance to make your recovery as smooth, easy and rapid as possible.